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To: Jan Huffman From: Jake Murphy Date: 2/19/08 Re: Synthesis process paper Process Memo Writing this paper was a pretty interesting experience because I have never written synthesis style paper before. I arrived at my thesis statement by first choosing a group of about five dispositions. I then took that group of dispositions and narrowed it down to three. I made those my three main points that would become the body paragraphs of my paper that I would base my main points, ideas, examples, and opinions off of. I then had to decide how to lead my introduction into the thesis statement so that the introduction flowed good and affectively introduced the reader of what the paper that they were about to read had in store for them. The very first thing that I did after developing my thesis statement was rereading
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Unformatted text preview: all my notes from class, guest speakers, and my prior writing assignments. I then ranked all of the quotes and experiences I had gathered of how important and how personal they were to me. I had probably 30 different quotes and experiences, which obviously is way too many to fit in a three-page paper. So, I then had to choose the ones that were the most significant and had the most meaning to me. When I was choosing what material to include from guest speakers, I simply thought about what they said in their performances that really hit me hard and affected me the most. I thought that deciding what to put in and what to leave out was the hardest thing to do because there was so many different things I wanted to put in but I knew I had to cut a bunch of things out....
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