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Catholics and Universal Healthcare

Catholics and Universal Healthcare - Theology Reflection...

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Theology Reflection 3.26.2008 “Catholics and Health Care: Justice, Faith and Hope” After sitting through two other lectures about Catholic Social Action and Health Care, I was surprised that nobody was really talking about the election. Health Care is a big issue this election because there are two candidates that are fighting for universal or mostly universal health care. The speaker referenced Faithful Citizenship which was a publication by the U.S. Bishops. This publication said that “ Affordable and accessible health care is an essential safeguard of human life and a fundamental human right.” Without blatantly saying it, it seems the United States Catholic Church, or at least the part of the Church involved in health care, is very democratic. Affordable and accessible healthcare should be considered an urgent national priority according to the speaker and I agree with them. The end of the lecture addressed that although the Church has no
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