A Church that Heals

A Church that Heals - Theology Reflection 3.26.2008 "A...

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Theology Reflection 3.26.2008 “A Church That Heals—Signs of Hope for Appalachia and Beyond” Reverend Bransfield was a lot like the theologians in the Social Gospel Movement because he identified with the working class and the poor—he recognized the issues of poverty and poor healthcare. He did not focus on just the importance of healthcare for every citizen of America, but also the breakdown of mind, body, and spirit that needs to be addressed by the American Church. He called on the church to recognize three leadership roles: the expansion of our vision of health (which was also addressed in Sr. Carol Keenan’s presentation), the demonstration of respect for the human person (which was addressed in the Kantian philosophy presentation), and the recognition and support for interdependence of individuals and communities (which was addressed in all of the lectures today). This was the first presentation of the day and it really inspired the crowd to go and practice the Catholic Social Teaching. The presentation ended with the Reverend saying we should “all act as if we have
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A Church that Heals - Theology Reflection 3.26.2008 "A...

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