Orgo 2 Report 1

Orgo 2 Report 1 - TA: Eric Wallase Name: Travis McMaine...

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TA: Eric Wallase Name: Travis McMaine Course : Che 233-002 Drawer #: U7C Expt. # : Compound 1 Date: 4/5/08 Unknown # : 1 1. Preliminary Tests a. Physical State: Homogenous Liquid (Non-viscous) b. Color: Colorless c. Odor: Strong d. Boiling Point: Initial Attempt- 98-100° C (done incorrectly) Second Attempt- 145-147° C e. Flame Test: Nothing unusual observed, ignited near the flame, flame extinguished when removed from flame This information hints that the compound is compound is probably polar and maybe even is able to hydrogen bond with itself. This is known from the relatively high boiling point. Van der Waals, polarity, and hydrogen all work to increase a liquids boiling point. The fact that the compound is colorless hopefully means a lack of impurities and could be an indication that there are not many double bonds present as these tend to absorb light, making the liquid appear colored. The first boiling test was done incorrectly and should be disregarded as it was the first time ever that I performed a boiling point test. Since the liquid is not very viscous, it probably does not have a high molecular weight or several functional groups. The smell of the compound is similar to that of acetone so it could be a ketone. The burn test showed that the sample had a high boiling point as it did not ignite until it came close to the flame. 2. Solubility Properties Solvent Result Inference 1 Water Insoluble Could be a hydrocarbon 2 NaOH Insoluble Not a carboxylic acid or phenol 3 HCl Insoluble Not an amine 4 H 2 SO 4 Insoluble Aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons and their halogen derivatives, diaryl ethers, and all perfluoro esters, ethers, aldehydes, and ketones Reactions: None Occurred The solubility test bolstered the fact there the compound was many a hydrocarbon
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Orgo 2 Report 1 - TA: Eric Wallase Name: Travis McMaine...

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