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PHL - DIS Making of the Modern Self Short Written...

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DIS Making of the Modern Self Short Written Exercise #2 The assignment should be three double-spaced typewritten pages. Please choose one of the three following topics. 1. Please explain what Heidegger means in Being and Time when he speaks of “the they” and the “they-self,” and explain why he thinks the “everyday self” is not what it obviously seems to be – “me,” “I,” “a subject.” Please include a discussion of the “levelling” activity of “the they,” and briefly compare this with Kierkegaard’s understanding of the “levelling” activity of “the public” in A Literary Review . (Consult the passages we read in A Literary Review and Being and Time , §25- 27). 2. Briefly compare Kierkegaard (Vigilius Haufniensis) and Heidegger on “anxiety.” Especially with regard to Heidegger, what role does anxiety play with regard to understanding being in the world? (Consult the passages we read in
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