chem notes 10-24

chem notes 10-24 - -element light through prism will not...

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October 24, 2007 Gen. Chem. 1 Example: -calculate q if 869g Fe cools from 94 to 5 centigrade -q=mcdeltaT -q=869(.444)(5-94) - -34,339J -3.4x10^4J Chap. 7 Objectives -know properties of electromagnetic radiation and relative electron order -calculate wavelength and frequency of waves -understand quantization and line spectrum of atoms -Calculate delta H for H for line spectra -know n, l, m(l), and m(s) and how to determine values -determine electron configuration for atoms/ions, using Aufbou principle Radiation -emission/transmission of energy in the form of waves -white light (sun or incandescent light) – continuous spectrum -spectrum – distribution of energy -prism - separates components of light to show all energies contained in it -different results if using elements observed by heating elements
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Unformatted text preview: -element light through prism will not show cont. spectrum (maybe 2 bands) Line spectrum-Bohr tried to explain this by proposing a new atomic model => Bohr model-ring model/orbital path model-electrons can jump up tracks when heated and down tracks when cooled-ladder model cannot stop halfway b/w tracks-good at predicting energy-incorrect structure Orbital electron cloud-s orbital like circle-p orbital like propeller-quantum mechanics-energy comes in waves-wavelength = => m/nm-amplitude = h => m, nm-frequency = => 1/s = Hz = s-1-larger wavelength, lower energy-larger frequency, higher energy-E = h(frequency)-h = Planks constant = 6.626x10^8 m/s-energy smallest unit = 1 quantum-energy comes in multiples of quanta-E = nh(nu)-h(nu) = 1 quantum...
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chem notes 10-24 - -element light through prism will not...

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