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chem notes 11-12 - adding e-UNIT 4 CHAPTER 9...

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November 12, 2007 Dr. Stevens Gen. Chem. 1 Pre-med meeting today at 5pm in room 328 Electron affinity – negative of the E q that occurs when an electron is accepted by an atom in the gaseous state to form an ion -opposite of ionization -ignore noble gases -largest ionization energy hard to create cations -smallest ionization energy easy to create cations -overall, E increases to the upper right -carbon releases more E when gaining an e- cuz it gets ½ full p subshell in the process -N does not relase any E when adding e- to form p4 b/c it was already ½ full to start -why is EA of Be < Li? -Be = 2s2 Be- = 2s2 2p1 -Li = 2s1 Li- = 2s2 -Li gains stability, Be loses it -adding an e- to Be puts it into NEW subshell, so no E can be released when
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Unformatted text preview: adding e-UNIT 4: CHAPTER 9 Bonding-valence e- properties determine reactions and bonding-determine # of valence e- by group # for s/p group atoms group # = e- #-Lewis structures-e- dot structure-shorthand notation for representing valence e--e- = •-element symbol has e- dots representing # of valence e--n=2 shell-Li•-Be••-B•• •-etc.-•• ••Ne•• •• = octet (stable) GOAL Compound notations-ionic-a compound of ionic bonds-complete transfer of e--M low IE and low EA-NM high IE and high EA-Na + IE Na+ + e-; Cl + e- Cl- + EA = NaCl-alternate continuously…not a single molecule, but formula units-molecular (covalent)...
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chem notes 11-12 - adding e-UNIT 4 CHAPTER 9...

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