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November 28, 2007 Dr. Stevens Gen. Chem. 1 -if n=6 -all equal angles of 90 -name: octahedron/square bipyramid -effect of lone electron pairs on geometries -name only atomic positions -electron pairs not bonded to 2 atoms take up more space -VSEPR: -space needed based on repulsions on electrons -lone pair – lone pair > lone pair – bonding pair > bond pair – bond pair : - : : - X-Y X-Y – X-Z -effect on angles/shape… -subtract 3 from predicted angles for each lone pair or central atom -n=3 framework -if all 3 positions are atoms trigonal planar -if 1 position is a lone pair bent structure (/\) -angle: 117 b/w X-Y -n=4 framework -if all 4 positions are atoms tetrahedron -if 1 position is a lone pair trigonal (mono)pyramid -angle: 106.5 b/w X-Y -if 2 positions are lone pairs (H2O)
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Unformatted text preview: bent structure (/\)-different from n=3 bent b/c n=4 bent is more sharp-angle: 103-n=5 framework-if all 5 positions are atoms trigonal bipyramid-if 1 position is a lone pair see-saw-comes off around triangular area first-angles: 117 and 177-if 2 positions are lone pairs T-shape-comes off triangular portion again-angles: 84 and 174-if 3 positions are lone pairs linear-final triangular portion comes off-angle: 180-n=6 framework-if all 6 positions are atoms octahedron-if 1 position is a lone pair square (mono)pyramid-bottom comes off-if 2 positions are lone pairs square planar-top comes off-if 3 positions are lone pairs T-shape-one square piece comes off-if 4 positions are lone pairs linear-opposite square piece comes off...
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