ISS Study Session 3 - • marger-five questions(2 from ch 4...

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Study Session 15/04/2008 17:02:00 Prejudice and theories Racisism Pluralism Ethnocentrism Genocide Immigration, differeing groups and different numbers of certain ethnicities People in power and what the do to stay in power Domination theory-what and who it involves Crime-all of its theories Class data Production, distribution, and access to food Durkhiem 12 myths of hunger poverty in the us poverty-where its most prevelant focus on the benefits of a good economy pay attention to the assumptions textbooks- 
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Unformatted text preview: • marger-five questions (2 from ch. 4, classes-who and what involved) o social classes, characteristics o explinations for poverty (individualistic, etc) ch. 8- welfare, nations and poverty levels • second book o socioeconomic status o occupational attainment o ch 8-marx & control in the society, leads o ch9-labor unions o ch10-welfare reforms o ch11- inequality in the us ← ← ← ← Cultural theory of prejuice--From the Test (for exam 3) 15/04/2008 17:02:00 ← 15/04/2008 17:02:00 ←...
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ISS Study Session 3 - • marger-five questions(2 from ch 4...

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