Growth and Development Chart

Growth and Development Chart - UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY...

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UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY COLLEGE OF NURSING NUR 863: Macy Bundy AGE DEVELOPMENT Erikson (dev) Piaget (cognitive) Kohlberg (moral) PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT (Weight, height, caloric needs; fluid needs; other) SKILLS SENSORY DEVELOPMENT VOCALIZATION SOCIALIZATION/ COGNITION PLAY (Type of play; appropriate toys) INFANT 0- 1 YR - Erikson: Trust vs. Mistrust - Piaget: sesorimotor. Progress from simple reflexes to simple repetitive acts; learn they are separate from others & objects 1 st 6 mo: require 110 kcal/day. Gain 1.5lbs per month. Height inc. by 2.5cm (1”) per mo. Head growth 1.5cm/mo 2 nd 6 th mo: 105 kcal/day; gain 1 lb per mo. Triple birth weight by 1 year. Double weight by 5-6 mo. Head growth .5cm/mo. 3 mo can hold head beyond level of body. 4 mo: can life head and front portion of chest. 4-6 well established head control. 2-4 mo: hold head up and support weight with arms. Can turn from side to back. 5mo: voluntarily grasp small objects 6-7 mo can bear all of wt. on legs 12 mo ca walk Fine motor: 1 st 3 mo grasping is a reflex. @ 10 mo pincer grasp replaces Responds to sound @ 26 weeks gestation 2 mo: lift had and look 3 mo: hand regard; tracking past midline 4 mo: recognizes familiar objects; binocularity well established 6 mo: depth perceptions reach for objects 10 mo: object permanence By 2 mos. Coos; cry is differentiated. 3-4 mo. Consonant sounds; laughs aloud (4mo) vowels @ 5- 7mo. By 8mo irritating sounds, combine syllables. By 9-10 mo understand simple commands “no”. By 1 yr can say 3-5 words with meaning besides “mama” and “dada”. Attachment requires a dependency on infant’s ability to discriminate the mother from others. 6-8 weeks they have a social smile. 3 mo show excitement at new things 7 mo imitating sounds 9-10 mo understand simple commands 11-12 mo very interactive showing pleasure/disclosure Birth – 3mo: play is not
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Growth and Development Chart - UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY...

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