test 4- answers - What are the 4 concepts of health people...

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What are the 4 concepts of health people have? Explain - Clinical: have or don’t have signs or symptoms = if healthy or not - Role Performance: ability to perform ADLS and IADLS - Adaptability: Able to adapt with their illness - Eudemonistic What is a HRA? What does it do? - Health Risk Appraisal: Does not tell you what you will die from or when but it tells you what your risks are What is Epidemiology? - The study of disease and distribution, disability and death across a group. Health Illness Continuum includes: - 1 degree: no risks or little due to age, family, lifestyle - 2 degree: screening is involved; o Clinically sings must be diagnose by a healthcare provider High blood pressure Cholesterol o Symptoms can be told by patient Shortness of breath - 3 degree: actual event or death o Heart attack Primary Level of Prevention - Health promotion and disease: Preventing the population from getting it Secondary Level of Prevention - Screening and treating as soon as possible - Avoid/delay disease Tertiary Level of Prevention - Will live like this but can learn to adapt through rehab etc. Public Health Nurses do what? Look at statistics over a group of people like the prevalence of high blood pressure in African Americans then try to treat/teach health promotion based on evidence to treat (what 3 things do they do?) - Assess - Policy development - Assurance Community Health Nurses do what? - Look at specific individuals with high blood pressure and try to treat them
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What are the 5 Transtheoretical Models of Behavior Change? Explain each… - Precontemplation: Not thinking about doing anything to change - Contemplation: See need for change but not making any change: pros/cons - Preparation: Small attempts at changing, plans soon to do so but not fully buying into idea: contracting - Action: See action taken - Maintenance: 6 or more months What is universality? - Showing that you understand the situation at hand with client and that you relate What is Sympathy? - Feeling sorry for client; looking down on client What is Empathy? - Putting yourself in their shoes and understanding where they come from Barriers to Nurse Client Relationship? -
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test 4- answers - What are the 4 concepts of health people...

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