Topic 2 - Macy Bundy HSM 241 Topic 2 Assignment...

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Macy Bundy HSM 241 Topic 2 Assignment Speech-language pathologists are part of the holistic healthcare team specializing specifically in assessment, diagnosing, treating and prevention of speech, language, cognitive- communication, voice, swallowing, fluency and other related disorders. The nature of the job is to work with people who cannot produce speech or sounds clearly. The patients they work with include those with speech, rhythm, and fluency problems; voice disorders; those people that have problems understanding or producing language; patients that want to improve their communication skills; and those who have cognitive impairments. Commonly patients maybe diagnosed with stuttering, high or harsh pitched voices, attention, memory and problem solving orders. Speech pathologists also work with patients who may have swallowing difficulties including dysphasia. A variety of schooling can be obtained by speech pathologist; however, the educational and licensure requirements differ depending on where you want to practice, weather it be in rehabilitation, educational, or several other areas, as well as depends on what state you will be practicing in. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that, as of now “47 states require speech pathologist to be licensed if they work in a healthcare setting, and all states require a master’s
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Topic 2 - Macy Bundy HSM 241 Topic 2 Assignment...

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