Final Classroom Participation

Final Classroom Participation - ATTENTIVENESS: _5__...

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Macy Bundy Final Classroom Participation Self-Evaluation (DUE 12/7/07) Student goals (2-3) for 2 nd half semester participation in HSM 241: 1. To aid in discussion for every class through questions, answers and thoughtful insight of topics presented. 2. Demonstrate the ability to gather information with a group and present a clear conscious message. 3. Motivate myself to gather information on healthcare for future reference. Rate yourself in the following categories (1-5, 5 is highest value) and provide thoughtful reflection in each of the categories. PREPARATION: _5__ COMMENTS: As I stated in my midterm evaluation, I planned on reading any power points offered before coming to class and I did so. I also demonstrated knowledge of the subjects during the question and answer sessions.
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Unformatted text preview: ATTENTIVENESS: _5__ COMMENTS: I maintained full attentiveness during all group presentations as well as during the last few guest speakers. CONTRIBUTIONS:_5__ COMMENTS: During every guest speaker and every group presentation I asked thoughtful questions which aided in my knowledge, as well as, possibly aided in my peers knowledge. AS A LEARNER I WAS PLEASED: I was pleased with the way the group presentations all had a variety of topics, as well as, a variety of learning opportunities. I feel like each of them offered different views and I really enjoyed them. OVERALL, BASED ON THE GOALS THAT I SET AT THE START OF THE SEMESTER I EVALUATE MY PERFORMANCE AS (1-5 highest rating) __5___...
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Final Classroom Participation - ATTENTIVENESS: _5__...

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