Answers for Stress

Answers for Stress - Answers for Stress 1 Epinephrine(inc...

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Answers for Stress 1. Epinephrine (inc. HR and bronchodilation) and Norepinephrine (Vasoconstricition)= Catacolamines 2. Mineralcorticoids (aldosterone), Glucocorticoids (cortisol), and gonadocorticoids (androgen) 3. Adrenal Cortex ~90% 4. Sodium is retained and water follows water so water is also retained 5. Glucocorticoids 6. Anterior and posterior 7. Posterior 8. A physical or psychological force perceived or real imposed on an individual that causes a response 9. The force (physical or psychological) that causes the stress 10. Psychological 11. Physiological 12. Stressors come in all shapes and sizes; they all evoked the exact response 13. Constantly being brought back to normal through negative feedback 14. Hypothalamus 15. Deep in the brain. 16. Labor, contractions, sneezing 17. CRH= corticotrophin releasing hormone 18. Anterior pituitary 19. ACTH 20. Adrenal gland 21. Cortisol: a glucocorticoid 22. Targets the anterior pituitary to result in negative feedback
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23. The produce a similar physical response pattern including: an increase in the size of the adrenal cortex and decrease the size of the thymus and lymphoid tissues (r/t dec. immunity) 24. a. Alarm stage: Fight or flight i. The body becomes alerted to the presence of the stressor ii. Body’s defenses are mobilized to fight or flee the stressor iii. Fight or flight responses depend on release of hormones from hypothalamus and
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Answers for Stress - Answers for Stress 1 Epinephrine(inc...

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