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Macy Bundy Disruptive Innovations Wikipedia defines disruptive innovations as “a technological innovation, product, or service that eventually overturns the existing dominant technology or status quo product in the market”. With this, one could see that any product developed to ease the client’s frustration in some way such as the automobile or a mini computer can be labeled as a disruptive innovation. Lately it has been talked about how the band Radiohead developed a revolutionary way for their fans to buy their newest CD. They were not available in stores or on Itunes, but rather available on a separate site where fans could pay what they wanted for the CD weather it be $5.00 or $25.00. While the band offered their fans something unique they also proved to the music moguls and the public that they had something better. Every industry and market strives for the latest and greatest for their buyers, even healthcare. In this, healthcare patients rather than buyers benefit from the disruptive innovations being researched and developed daily. With MRSA, VRE, and the superbug spreading at alarming rates, it is urgent for the public to have continuity in their healthcare. However, as lives of the public continue to become more chaotic, the need for care often becomes overlooked. In 2000 the MinuteClinic pioneered
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Topic 3 - Macy Bundy Disruptive Innovations Wikipedia...

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