case study paper - she has a prolapsed valve must take...

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= look up intervention and reference why = put in medication
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Looking at the certain system, what would you do now to improve or stop declining. M.S. has no history of respiratory distress nor has she ever been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Her respiratory rate, depth, quality and rhythm are all within the normal parameters. M.S. has a risk for impaired respiratory function related to immobility secondary to surgery. Due to the clients recent surgery, as well as, her current immobility, incentive spirometery may become a necessary intervention the health care team will need to put into action. In the past, she has performed nebulizer treatments yielding positive effects, but currently no method of pulmonary toileting is occurring. Based on what the patient said, her circulatory system has many issues. Along with hypertension,
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Unformatted text preview: she has a prolapsed valve, must take coagulation medications, and deals with numbness and tingling. Blood pressure inconsistencies had a large part in her inability to sit up without being nauseated and performing activities, which lead her to have decreased food and fluid intake along with other problems. Activity and rest seem to be a large issue for the client due to her inability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) and activities she enjoys. Before her disease progressed, she was able to work in the garden, paint, play the piano which she loved. Now as the disease has developed more, her abilities are declining rapidly....
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case study paper - she has a prolapsed valve must take...

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