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Hospice Journal Macy Bundy My Hospice experience was much different than many of my classmates. Instead of visiting multiple patients in their homes, the nurse I was assigned to, Sue, visits patients at Northpoint Nursing Home. There she visits with her scheduled patients for that day, completes head to toe assessments, takes vitals, and writes orders for anything that the patient may need. When I first got to the Hospice office building, Sue was running late. After sitting in the lobby for awhile, another nurse took me back to her area and re-familiarized the ideas of palliative care. We discussed the core values of hospice; allowing the patients to be comfortable in there last days, allowing the family and the patient to have a team of providers caring for them, and providing the best care possible for the last days and months of patients lives. When Sue arrived, we went back to her office and she told me her philosophy of the care she offers. She said she did not plan on causing someone to die, letting them live in pain or longer than what they and their families expected. When she was done gathering her supplies and listening to messages left by the on-call nurse the previous night, we headed over to the facility. When we arrived at Northpoint, Sue took me up to the floor she started on. She grabbed two
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2008 for the course NURSING Nursing taught by Professor Nursing during the Spring '08 term at Kentucky.

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Hospice Journal - Hospice Journal Macy Bundy My Hospice...

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