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Annotated Source Geneology - Association between...

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Association between Socioeconomic status, Weight, Age and Gender, and the Body Image and Weight Control Practices of 6- to 19- year-old Children and Adolescents Annotated Source Genealogy Nursing 860 Macy Bundy
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1) O’Dea, J., & Caputi, P. (2001). Association between socioeconomic status, weight, age and gender, and the body image and weight control practices of 6- to 19-year-old children and adolescents. Health Education Research, 16 , 521-532. In this article the current study examined how socioeconomic status, body weight, age and gender, and the body image, physical self-esteem and weight control practices of children and adolescents. The study also looked at how influences of significant others affected the body weight perception and weight control practices of the children. The information was then applied to whether or not health education about weight issues should be focused on certain socioeconomic groups, primarily lower end families. Participants of the study were randomly selected primary and secondary aged school children from 12 schools, including eight public, two private, and two Catholic schools. Ages of participants ranged from 6-19 years and included a mean age of 12.8 years. Before any information was obtained from the students, permission was given by the Department of School Education and school principals, as well as, socioeconomic status was determined by participation of students from disadvantaged school which are determined using a Department of Education questionnaire to examine parental income of each student at the school. Written parental consent was obtained and then questionnaires were sent to the selected students. The questionnaire collected information about the student’s demographic details, body image, weight control practices, and regularity of meals and snacks. Information regarding body image was collected by asking students to report if they were currently trying to lose weight or gain weight and whether on most days they usually consumed meals and snack. Other information collected included a personal Physical Self-Esteem score which asked the students to evaluate themselves based on physical appearance using a scale from 0-10 points and the influence of significant others and the advice that was given to the children and adolescents. Finally, height and weight was measured under a controlled procedure. Every child took their shoes off, as well as wore similar uniforms, and based on the
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Annotated Source Geneology - Association between...

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