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Age: Height Inc Weight Inc. Toddler 34 5” 26.5 5-6# Preschool 41 2.3-5 37 5 Schoolage 2 4-6 Adolescence Girls 2-8 15-55 Boys 4-12 15-65 Vital Signs Temp Pulse Respirations Blood Pressure Toddler 6mo shivers 90-110 25 99/64 Preschool controlled 85 25 100/60 Schoolage 70-90 16-24 112/60 Adolescence 70 20 120/70 Who says NO and what does it mean? Toddlers, means I don’t understand I’m overwhelmed, I’m scared, refusal, practicing a powerful sound How much brain growth is finished for Toddlers? What about School age? - 75%, all of it at age 10 How should you read to toddlers? - Where is the…? Short periods of time based on pictures not words When can toddlers hold 2 hours worth of urine? - 14-18 mos When can you try to potty train? When will girls do it best? When will boys? - 18-24 mo, 2 years, 2 ½ What can a 2 year old do as far as feet go? - jump with two feet, kick, tiptoe, stand on one foot When can they put a round peg in circle and know what a circle is? - 15 months When do they know a square? - 24 months When do they turn a door knob? - 24 months
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How many blocks can a 2 year old build? - 6-7 blocks How old is a child who can build 3 blocks? - 18 months How many words can a 2 year old say? What type of sentences? - 300 words, two word sentences How can language be promoted? - talk slowly and smoothly, name objects What can a 15 month old do with food things? - feed themselves spoon not good with, sippy cup When can a toddler get a spoon to the mouth with out spilling? - 24 months When can a child put socks into drawer or cup in sink? - 2- 3 years Describe the play of a toddler - Parallel play likes to play along side of friends; uses multiple senses to play, imitation What are the signs a child is ready to be potty trained? -
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test 3 answers - Age: Toddler Preschool Schoolage...

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