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History of Rock notes for FINAL - 1 Psychedelic Rock a...

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1) Psychedelic Rock a) Countercoulture i) Never an Organized Movement ii) Not unified musically or politically iii) Rock music is “an essential part of the definition of counterculture” iv) Unique Language and fashions b) Beatles released Revolver in 1966 c) Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts 9 months later i) Sir George Martin Helped Beatles produce new sound ii) Tamboura- Indian musical instrument in (1) “Tomorrow Never Knows” (and “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds”) (a) 1 st Psychedelic rock sounds (b) Automatic double tracking machine (c) Lyrics based on Tibetan Book of the Dead d) The Monkees “I’m A Believer” In 1966 i) Casting call for good-looking guys who could sing ii) Written by Neil Diamond e) The Mamas and the Papas i) First to visually combine counterculture with clothing ii) “Monday Monday” 1966 iii) “California Dreaming” 1966 (1) Call-and-Response (2) Flute solo characteristic of California sound (3) Close vocal harmony f) The Doors “Break on through” 1967 sonic reference to Ray Charles’ organ rift g) The Doors “Light my fire”1967 i) Circle of fifth on organ h) Whiskey a Go Go- Center of rock scene i) Buffalo Springfield “For What it’s Worth” 1967 i) Written in Protest to a riot ii) Neil Young guitar solo persist through song iii) Harmonizing j) Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band (1967) i) Fans had to wait 9 months for this record ii) “For What it’s worth” 1967 iii) “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds” 1967 (1) Verses in 3, not typical of rock (2) Chorus has a more normal backbeat, in fours k) The Summer of Love-1969 i) San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury ii) Ken Kasey and the Merry Pranksters iii) Acid tests and the greateful dead l) Jefferson Airplane- Only band that made money and made it to the top ten i) “White Rabbit” 1967 (1) Song builds as time goes on (2) Lyrics reference Alice and Wonderland to drug use
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m) The Monterey Pop Festival i) First commercial marketing of psychedelic rock ii) 30,000 people in 2-3 days, filmed n) Jimi Hendrix Experience- one of first fock 3 pieces i) Marshal Stacks amplifiers ii) “Purple Haze” 1967 2) Psychedelic Rock continued a) Promise of a good time b) Pink Floyd- Piper at the gates of Dawn c) Janis Joplin (1943-1970) i) Big Brother and the holding company ii) Struggled with drugs and alcohol iii) One of the first females to wear pants d) Grateful Dead (Formally known as the Warlocks) i) Jerry Garcia ii) Deadheads- Fans iii) Release American beauty “Truckin” 1970 (1) Shuffle Rhythm (2) “What a long, strange trip it’s been” e) 1968 i) Tet Offensive ii) Martin Luther King Junior Assasinated iii) Massacre of students (Mexico City Olympics) iv) “Prague Spring” v) Strikes and riots in Paris vi) Reobert F Kennedy Assassinated vii)Richard Nixon Elected f) FM radio (AM radio=top 40) i) KROQ- best known, most respected ii) DJ’s started playing full albums on radio iii) Free from- home of underground, progressive radio iv) Tom Donahue
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History of Rock notes for FINAL - 1 Psychedelic Rock a...

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