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Finally, the movie everyone has been waiting to see. The sequel to True Life: I’m Getting Plastic Surgery. In the first show, four teenager Latino friends were featured on their journey to achieve the perfect look through plastic surgery. Now, MTV had a new group of girls, and the popularity of the original show brought their new story to the big screen. I was there for the premiere, and I remember the terror I saw so vividly. The opening shot was of one of girls from the first episode. I don’t even remember her name, but I know that she was always the girl trying to fit in. She was a little overweight, and absolutely obsessed with having the perfect body. Out of all the friends, she seemed like she wanted to go under the knife the most. At the end of the episode, I saw the results of her tummy tuck and breast augmentation. She looked great. Apparently, a lot had changed since then. It was the scariest, most pathetic thing I have ever seen. As the camera angle panned in, I saw her familiar face. She was struggling on a swing set, looking almost as
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