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Hist Response Week 1 - They entered through Canada in...

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Anthony Podesta Response Week 2 The Spanish, French, and English all had very different experiences with Indians when they first came to the New World. Each nation was after something different, and subsequently the outcomes of their commingling were each very different. The Spanish first arrived in America through Mexico. They made their way up through Mexico to what is now New Mexico. The Spanish were in search of one thing: gold. They had heard rumors of huge golden cities dotting the Southwest landscape. This was furthered by false reports by Spanish explorers. Eventually they learned there were not these cities, but they stayed in the region anyway. The Spanish developed a class society with the Natives that was supposedly based on skin color, but was really based on wealth. After a while the Spanish tired of fighting constant border battles and abandoned many of their forts and colonies. The French came to America for one very different reason than the Spanish: furs.
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Unformatted text preview: They entered through Canada in Rupert’s Land and made their way down the rivers to the Great Lakes region. Because they were more interested in trading goods rather than dominating the Indians, the French developed a much better relationship with the local Natives, even going so far as to intermarry. The French used these relationships to get Natives to fight on their side during the French and Indian war with England. The English by far made the most mistakes in dealing with the Natives on the East Coast where they landed. At first they pretended to get along with the Natives, only robbing their graves and infecting them with diseases. When the Natives got fed up and rebelled, the English took it as a sign from God that they were meant to hold all of this great land, and systematically decimated the Indians and took their land as their own....
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