Yonaguni Under the Sea

Yonaguni Under the Sea - Yonaguni Under the Sea By Anthony...

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Yonaguni Under the Sea By Anthony Podesta As Doctors Robert Schoch and Masaaki Kimura made their way along the seabed they saw a large, dark object looming several hundred feet in front of them, blurred in the murky waters. They were roughly one hundred twenty-five feet below the surface of the East China Sea; and their boat anchored above was floating southwest of the island of Yonaguni, last in a chain of islands starting out from Southern Japan. The reason they were currently twelve stories underwater was, in fact, the large rectangular shape they were nearing with every kick of their fins. They were coming up on a recently discovered object known as “The Stage,” because it indeed resembled a giant stage. The solid rock formation was roughly three hundred feet long, one hundred feet wide, and sixty feet high at its tallest. The top was flat and level. It was the Yonaguni monument, and as Dr Schoch set eyes upon it for the first time, he was struck by a sense of eerie familiarity. Robert switched on his in-mask radio. “I can’t believe it,” he breathed to Dr Kimura. “Yes, many people experience the same feeling seeing the monument for the first time.” “It really makes you believe. About it being ruins, I mean.” Like all other respectable scientists, he had retained his doubts when he first heard of an underwater structure that supposedly predated the Pyramids by five thousand years. But, unlike other scientists, Robert Schoch had a wild imagination, and often found himself wishing to be in one of his fantasies. “That’s because they are ruins. What you feel is the magic the still resides in this
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place. Even after ten thousand years.” “Let’s get closer.” They kicked slowly against the current, moving towards a section of the monument near the base that jutted out several feet, rose up and rejoined the rock, forming a sort of doorstep. As they neared it Robert marveled at how perfect the edges met to form right angles, at how human it felt. As he stared at the smooth stone, he could almost see the people whose lives might’ve revolved around this monument. He
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Yonaguni Under the Sea - Yonaguni Under the Sea By Anthony...

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