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Course Introduction Lecture Notes In the developing world, there is no such thing as a "band-aid" solution; it is typically not just one problem hindering a country but a fusion of problems. Example: Haiti When the French came into Haiti, they forced the indigenous people and imported slaves into dangerous work melting/stirring sugar cane. After many dying from the fatally hot melting pots, the rest of the mistreated workers led a successful revolt in 1804, making Haiti the first free black colony… The rest of the world did not support this and put embargos on Haiti causing economic isolation. The colony had once been one of the wealthiest in world due to their exports in mango, sugar, bananas, and other goods. The inability to sell goods and the imminent problem of not being able to grow their own food began a poverty cycle. . (The French did not know about sustainable agriculture - the trees were gone, mudslides were common, and the topsoil had depleted . . The Haitians would soon not even be able to grow their own food.)
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