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Exam 3 Study Guide Child Psych

Exam 3 Study Guide Child Psych - 4 Moral development the...

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Exam 3 Study Guide - This list of topics is meant as a guide to focus your studying for the exam. Several questions may be asked on each topic; therefore, you should be familiar with the details and overall concepts associated with each of them. Chapter 9: Cognitive Development in Early Childhood 1. Piaget’s preoperational stage: representation, cognitive inabilities at this age 2. Vygotsky: private speech, intersubjectivity, scaffolding 3. Information Processing Theory: attention, memory 4. Theory of mind Chapter 10: Emotional & Social Development in Early Childhood 1. Erikson’s 3 rd stage: initiative vs. guilt 2. Basic emotional development in early childhood 3. Social development: Parten’s sequence
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Moral development: the different perspectives, Kohlberg’s theory 5. Aggression Chapter 11: Physical Development in Middle Childhood 1. Cultural differences in physical development 2. Secular trends in physical development 3. Obesity 4. Brain development in middle childhood 5. Hormones in middle childhood Chapter 12: Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood 1. Piaget’s concrete operational stage 2. Three ways of conceptualizing attention 3. Development of attention strategies 4. Diet and cognitive development 5. Intelligence and I.Q. tests 6. Sternberg and Gardner’s theories of intelligence...
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