LAST LAB! - The swamp is a greenish color and visibility...

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Adam Roth March 21, 2008 Natural Science Professor Busher Last Laboratory “Hall’s Pond Sanctuary” Hall’s pond sanctuary in Brookline, Massachusetts is an excellent retreat from Boston’s city life. An extreme mini version of Central Park, Hall’s pond gives the feeling that you’re suddenly not in a city anymore. As you take a deeper look into the sanctuary, it is indeed a complex ecosystem made up of numerous components. The sun was bright and the temperature moderate for a near spring day. Surrounding the pond was a vast array of trees. A great deal of variation of the tree species was apparent. The biological diversity of the trees was very visible in addition to the change of coloring associated with the change in season. For example, a few trees clearly show a change in color from grey to bright. Moreover, numerous plant life exists surrounding the pond and a medium sized swamp is present as well.
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Unformatted text preview: The swamp is a greenish color and visibility through the surface of the water was totally gone. Furthermore, in terms of animal life in the sanctuary, there were several various bird species such as blue jay’s and ducks. The ducks were grazing the water and eventually made their way to land. Although the observable species were limited to birds and squirrels, it is quite apparent that an underground world of smaller organisms exists both in the lake and in the tree filled areas. With more resources, it would be possible to take samples of these tiny organisms such as marine life. Ultimately, this small park provides refuge to nature seekers who feel trapped within the confines of the city. Hall’s pond is a complex ecosystem whose inner workings we can only begin to understand with the naked eye. Hopefully, it will maintain stability in a world of constant ecosystem fragmentation....
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LAST LAB! - The swamp is a greenish color and visibility...

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