MARK CUBAN - Entrepreneur Mark Cuban John Pysh When people...

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Entrepreneur: Mark Cuban John Pysh When people look at a man such as Mark Cuban, many of them raise the question in their head; how did he become so successful? The answer to that question is that Mark Cuban is an entrepreneur. Being a successful entrepreneur such as Cuban and other successful business men, it takes hard work, taking risks, and some luck along the way. Cuban’s whole life, he has taken his talents, and the money he had in his pocket, to make more money. The types of businesses Cuban has been in since his early years consist of bartending, working for and starting a software company, buying a NBA basketball team while showing interests in other professional sports, and has also had a number of acting roles. Beyond all the jobs Cuban has had, he is well known for contributing to donations, funding movies, and for endorsing a presidential election. Mark Cuban was born in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania (just outside of Pittsburgh) on July 31, 1958, making him a 49 year old man (almost 50). He is married and has a child to a woman named Tiffany Stewarts. Long before he was born, Cuban’s last name was shortened from its original name Chabenisky. The name was shortened by his grandparents, who were Russian Jews, when they reached Ellis Island. Cuban is the son of an automobile upholsterer. It all started when Cuban was twelve years old, and came across a pair of basketball shoes he had to have. To earn the money to buy the shoes, Cuban sold garbage bags. Being brought up having to work to buy such things as basketball shoes, set the level of Cuban’s work ethic for the rest of his life. During his high school years, Cuban worked a good deal of different
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jobs. The different jobs consisted of bartending on the weekends, he was the instructor of a disco dance class, and he promoted parties. A more impressive way Cuban made money as a
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MARK CUBAN - Entrepreneur Mark Cuban John Pysh When people...

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