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gen115 - Layer Name Description Layer Linetype Layer Color...

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CAD Drawing Document Sheet Engineering Technology Department CCAC-South Campus Name: Justin Jordan Date: 4-3-08 Course Title: Intro To Cad Course Number: EDD120 Section: 01 Assignment Number/Drawing Title: Assignment File Name: Border and Title Block File Name: A-5 Drawing Limits: 10.44,7.94 Drawing Scale: 1=1 Drawing Units: Decimal E Text/Dimension Styles: Hatch Patterns:
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Unformatted text preview: Layer Name Description Layer Linetype Layer Color Layer Lineweight Printer/Plotter Name: \\KEPLARADMIN\ Paper Size: Letter Plot Area: X Limits Display Window Layout Plot Scale: Fit to Paper Scale: 1:1 or Inches = Units Plot Style Table: None Acad Grayscale X Monochrome Drawing Orientation: Portrait X Landscape:...
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