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LESSON 8 REPUBLICAN ROME! MAIN QUESTIONS What can we say about te development of Rome as a city over time? What does archaeology have to say about how Rome functioned as a city? What an we say about Roman culture? Who is influencing Rome. Rome is about halfway down the Italian peninsula. During the republic gets really big really fast. Rome is not a plain, it is very hilly. Remember Forum is the Roman version of the Agora, only they have to fill in the marshy land themselves, it was not just there like in Greece. IMPORTANT DATES! 509 BCE Republic established Mid 4 th -min 3 rd C: Expansion into and conquest of Italy. (Very good at military and seem kind of nus, attack everyone, acts as if they are going to be attacked so they attack first, conquer and expand borders) Mid 3rdBCE-146 BCE: Punic Wars against Carthage (Conquest of Sicily, North Africa, Spain -> first provinces) The Romans are now aware of greater world and start conquering and administering. The only thing that conquered cities in Italy have to do is give soldiers to Rome, this is why they are successful. The places they conquer outside of italy become provinces, the only thing they have to do is pay taxes. Rome becomes very rich. If provinces don’t pay taxes slaughter men and take women and children. 146 BCE- Conquest of Greece. Hate Greeks but love culture. You see influx of Greek culture, Romans use architecture, gods, clothing, painting, etc. 146 BCE and on- Continual foreign expansion 14 BCE- Augustus becomes 1 st emperor, Rome is now an Imperial state. THE REPUBLICAN FORUM THE COMMITIUM- holy sacred space to meet to vote and hear speeches. Originally square, but 3 rd C BCE it is made circular. Circular buildings seem to be a trend now. Curia (square) is where senate meets. Front part of commitium is called the Rostra- means the front of ships. Called this because stuck parts of conquered ships on platforms, where people spoke to influence voters. Originally stood on the Rostra and faced in where people are voting. Some reason they turned around and people spoke out of the commitium where people could see you. Important because if you speak out you speak to anyone who is there. The only people who could vote are those who owned a lot of land. Pretty soon had a version of mob rule where only certain people could vote, but there were people who couldn’t vote that would hurt the people that could vote if they didn’t vote the way they wanted you to. This is why you talked to crowd.
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