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lesson 12 - MAIN QUESTIONS How do domestic and commercial...

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MAIN QUESTIONS How do domestic and commercial buildings let us see different classes of people in the roman empire. DOMESTIC ARCHITECTURE THE IDEAL: ATRIUM HOUSE Pompeii and Herculenium best source for commercial domestic architecture Pertruvius wrote a book about Roman architechture. Wrote that the atrium house is the best house, high status, shows you are wealthy. Had a door, then Had atrium and tablinum (open area and area for master of house to sit. Usually a garden (hortus) in the back. Cabiculum- bedroom/we don’t know what this room was used for. Impluvium- in center of atrium, water basin that catches the rain that falls from the roof Usually had ‘ala’s or wings off the atrium to form a cross shape. . Remember that in P and H buildings are preserved cause the volcano. Why is this house type ‘ideal’? Because the hosues have to fit in a block. Never really see the idel houses anywhere because the houses transform. Changes that occurred? More shops. Some had restaurants. Decrease in the garden, gardens becomes just for pleasure. Expanion of rooms in a haphazard pattern. Rooms are not closed anymore, they are open. The only thing that really stays the same is the core of the house with the atrium and the tablinum. This is because it is deeply embedded in their social structure. Idealized atrium peristyle house! About the same, but add a peristyle in the back, usually have a nice banqueting room or triclineum in the back. Shows you are aquainted with Greek culture. Very elite idea. HOUSE OF THE FAUN TWO peristyles! Huge house, The entrance is very very large, states that the family is big and important. Had a welcome on the floor. The atrium had face second story. The first peristyle you can’t get into it, you just walk around it. Had a tiny room after the peristyle that was just for art, had the alexander mosaic. In the back there is a HUGE peristyle. Can walk in and around this one. Very luxurious. Some houses were crazy. One doesn’t have a tablinum, maybe because it doesn’t have a main guy to receive people? Around this time we get houses without tablinums. Only certain social classes coul have people to receive people. On ehouse doesn’t have a view ouf ouside, why? Probably not a lot of space
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lesson 12 - MAIN QUESTIONS How do domestic and commercial...

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