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LESSON 10 - CLAR 120 Lecture 10 Classical Rome(the...

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CLAR 120 Lecture 10: Classical Rome (the government) Main Questions - Important Dates - Dictators before Julius but he is the first for life; set up to be king before killed - Augustus was normal guy before Julius died Emperors of Each Dynasty (don’t really need to know, useful for buildings) Forum Romanum - Imperial period: much development! o 1 st : renovations; becomes crowded and bounded in. clear/distinct center space o Curia Julia o Imperial Curia: don’t have comitium anymore; never built again after Julius b/c votes not important! Vote wherever they can, but no official place anymore o Rostra is now on axis of forum; more official position o Basilica Iulia: built by Julius (his family name – I and J same in Latin) o Basilica Aemilia: functions as one with Porticus o Porticus of Gaius and Lucius: lots of shops in back; gift to city; Augustus didn’t have son, built monuments to guys who then died, picked nephew who died, left with stepson Iberius to carry on dynasty…
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o Basilical Iulia bigger than Amelia; Augustus finished it and donated it to Gaeus and Lucius Gamboard on steps; very useful buildings! o Lots of arches in these buildings!! o Temple of Saturn: not much of earlier remains; big Etruscan temple; on big podium with lots of chambers in it; CASH ECONOMY! Taxes, etc. all go into this temple (why there are chambers); only slaves could work in temples b/c they could be killed o Temple of Castor and Pollux:
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LESSON 10 - CLAR 120 Lecture 10 Classical Rome(the...

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