LESSON 7 - LESSON 7 EARLY ROME What can we say about the...

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LESSON 7: EARLY ROME What can we say about the development of Rome as a city? They keep building over thesme spot for centuries. Reached an unprecedented scale, a lot of people, a lot of area. >2million people, how do you keep that running? What does archaeology have to say about how Rome functioned as a city? What can we say about Roman cultural influences? -Who is influencing the Romans and how - Who are the Romans influencing. At the beginning there was no written pieces, but later there are many. Romans write laterabout earlier history, but how is this likely? Rome is in Italy. Located right at the southern end of Atruria. Rome starts out as a tiny village, inhabited by the Latins. Were known as the Latins, inhabited land south of Atruria. Rome is located in an area known as the 7 hills. Villages of about12 houses placed on the top of each of the 7 hills, make up Rome. Hills of igneous rock, means holds water, Rome is a very wet area. On a bend of the Tiber river. A harbor town although not located right on the water. IMPORTANT DATES 753 BCE April 21. Rome supposedly founded by Romulus. 509 BCE Republic establishment Inbetween, Rome is ruled by legendary Etruscan Kings. First is Rolulus. Brother twin Remus. Supposedly sons of war gods. Get dumped off in a basket, blah blah blah. Kings continue like this until 509 BCE. Palatine Hill. Iron Age Huts- date to 9 th C BCE. A series of post holes and a hearth. Some pottery dates it to 9 th C BCE. Suggests it might be hut of Romulus. Ancient looking hut, keep repairing It, never build over it, it was a holy spot. The Lupercal. Romulus and Remus supposedly fell out of basket, washed up on the side, and nursed by a wolf. Grew and rescued by a farmer. Became really strong afterwards, took on essence of wolf. The wolf nursing babies becomes a symbol of Rome. Portrait of an emporer from Athens, still using the same symbol. That’s it, not much else.
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ARCHAIC ROME! (6 th -4 th C) A wall goes up. Says it was build by Etruskan King Servian tulius. Not true so we think. Built by stone not able to access until the 4
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LESSON 7 - LESSON 7 EARLY ROME What can we say about the...

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