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Lab Assg. 2 - Sakshi Mehta Discussion Section 14727 Lecture...

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Sakshi Mehta Discussion Section: 14727 Lecture Section: 14726 Lab Assignment 2 Case Incident 2: The Business of Blogs 1) The communication process entails the steps taken between the source and the receiver of a message that result in the conveying and conception of a meaning. The most important feature of the communication process that blogs affect is how wide the communication chain gets from the source to the receiver; once information is posted up on the internet by a single source, the receiver-base would consist of, other than who the message is intended for, anyone who wishes to browse that particular blog. Blogs may have pictures, video or audio clips posted on the Internet, offering a wide range of ways in which the message to be encoded. Blogs have also greatly impacted the amount and methods of feedback especially in a workplace. Having employees post comments about their jobs and new company policies may allow for the company to see and understand what employees consider to be important and how its decisions affects its employees. An employee seeking information on a work-related matter may post questions on a blog so as to attract knowledge from someone outside of his/her work realm, possibly in the same job field but affiliated with a different company, and hence may have a diverse outlook and/or expertise. 2)
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Lab Assg. 2 - Sakshi Mehta Discussion Section 14727 Lecture...

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