Purifier - temperature shut down. During cleaning is a...

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Assignment Purifiers 1. Describe how gravity and centrifugal force are employed in a modern day purifier. Centrifugal force replaces the gravity. The bowl in spun at high rpm’s creating a lot of G forces. This g force forces the oil outward through angled plating which separates the oil into light phase, heavy phase and sludge. 2. Make a basic piping schematic of the lube oil purifier on the M/V Sirius. 3. What are some of the safety features on the purifier during operation and during cleaning? The picture below is a safety precaution, Its a switch that picks up vibrations from the purifier and if it picks up that the vibration is to high it will turn off automaticly. There is also a back pressure shutdown, a heavy phase overflow shutoff system, and a high
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Unformatted text preview: temperature shut down. During cleaning is a procedure to turn off the purifier and tag it so someone doesn’t turn it on by accident. 4. Explain the function of the disc stack and discharge ring in picture below. The disc stack is to encourage laminar flow which increases separation. The fluid moves between the plates and the upward movement caused by the plates along with the centrifugal force causes the oil to separate. The discharge ring is a ring that comes in different sizes. You decide which size you need depending on the fuel. It causes the interface to move inward or outward causing better separation....
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Purifier - temperature shut down. During cleaning is a...

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