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reichstag fire - Blaine Donner History 106 Dr Ryan The...

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Blaine Donner 10/3/07 History 106 Dr. Ryan The Reichstag Fire The Reichstag fire was a turning point in the political power in Germany . The fire started at 9:15pm on February 27, 1933 . A fire station in Berlin received an alarm that the Reichstag Parliament building was on fire . The fire was started in the Session Chamber and by the time the firemen arrived the entire building was on fire . This massive plot against the German government was set up by the Nazi political group and Adolf Hitler was behind the whole plot too . The Nazi group set the so called “communist” by making it seem like they set the Parliament building on fire . When fire men arrived they found a Marinus van der Lubbe . Van der Lubbe was a Dutch Jewish known communist who had recently arrived in Germany to carry out his political activities . The fire pointed the evidence that the Communists were beginning a plot against the government . Van der Lubbe and about 4000 other Communist leaders were arrested for arson and treason . Chancellor Adolf
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Hitler then urged President Hindenburg to pass a decree in order to counter the communist plot . This was very easy for Hitler to push his ideas on the president because
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reichstag fire - Blaine Donner History 106 Dr Ryan The...

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