Exam 3 Study Guide Latin - Exam 3 Study Guide Some of the...

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Exam 3 Study Guide Some of the information in this study guide is also covered in the previous study guides. Look at the other documents in the Study Resources folder for even more detailed discussions of the exam content and the best ways to study. Exam 3 will concentrate primarily on the material in Unit 3, but it may include a few questions on material from Units 1 and/or 2 as well. I will not test extremely obscure material from previous units, but I do expect you to be familiar with the prefixes, bases, repeated vocabulary words, and basic linguistic concepts (e.g. assimilation, aphesis, You will not be tested on etymological definitions from Units 1 and 2. Key concepts that will appear on the exam (quantities, if they have been determined, are given): 1. Bases (16-32 matching) 2. Prefixes (8 matching) 4. Latin abbreviations (5-10 matching) 5. Latin plurals (4-5 multiple choice: choose the correct plural for a given word ) 6. Etymological definitions (8 matching) 7. Current definitions (matching/multiple choice in context) 9. One (that’s right, just one) Shakespeare question (1 multiple choice in context) Study guide for exam two (in order of importance): (there's a nice table located after the Latin section of your book). You should expect 8 matching questions focusing on
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Exam 3 Study Guide Latin - Exam 3 Study Guide Some of the...

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