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Logan Chastain lchasta2 CLCV 120 Pre-Quiz #4 10/11/07 1. Milton, or more accurately Milton through Beelzebub, describes Satan as being “ From him who, in the happy realms of light Clothed with transcendent brightness, didst outshine Myriads, though bright”. Milton is not buying into the classic red-devil, pitchfork wielding demon. He describes Satan as you would imagine someone that was a fallen angel; beautiful, yet having lost some of his brilliance. Milton also describes Satan as being a very big and imposing figure. 2. Satan gets thrown out of heaven, because he believes that he should have been God’s
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Unformatted text preview: second-in-command and not the Son. When he was not given this title he tried to overthrow God with a group of rebellious angels and lost. 3. When Satan is thrown out of Heaven he lands in a lake of fire in Hell. Milton describes this lake of fire as a place of endless torture with no hope. He also says that this fire does not give off light, because it burns with a visible darkness. 4. The demons using their inhuman powers construct a great temple, which they call Pandemonium. They construct this temple so that they have a place to discuss whether or not to attack Heaven again....
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