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CLCV 120 Paper 1 - Logan Chastain CLCV 120 Paper 1 Prof...

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Logan Chastain CLCV 120 Paper 1 Prof. Solomon 9/10/07 Dante’s Use of Vergil and the Aeneid in the Inferno
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Dante uses Vergil and references to the Aeneid throughout the Inferno , and in Purgatory . He does this for several reasons. In late antiquity, while Dante was writing this epic poem, it was customary to have allusions to the great epics of old (i.e. Vergil’s Aeneid and Homer’s Odyssey ). This gave “credentials” to Dante’s story, because it proved to other intelligent men of the era that he was a very “enlightened” person. This is one reason why there are so many allusions to other “classics” throughout the Inferno . I also believe that he uses so many references to these great poets’ works and the poets themselves, to show respect for them and to elevate himself to their level. The two biggest uses of the Aeneid and Vergil in the Inferno are Vergil himself guiding Dante, and the entire plotline itself. Vergil is Dante’s guide throughout the first two books of the Divine Comedy . This shows how much Dante respects him. Dante portrays Vergil as the
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