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Logan Chastain Paper #3 10/25/07 Thomas Jefferson and the Classical Tradition Thomas Jefferson was greatly influenced in every aspect of his life by the classical tradition. Jefferson applied the classical tradition to his everyday life in several ways. He used the classics as if they were a resource to be used in understanding the events of his time. Jefferson also modeled our government after the republican forms of government from antiquity. The Stoics also helped Jefferson on a personal level, because he seemed to find solace in the ancient writings after many tragedies. Jefferson incorporated the classical tradition into his everyday life and into the founding of our nation and government. Jefferson saw the events of his time through the lens of classical tradition. He saw and compared the commercialized Great Britain as a modern day Carthage. In 1810 he mocked the idea of an alliance with Great Britain by saying, “The faith of a nation of merchants! The Punica fides of modern Carthage!” This showed that he not only loved
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