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Logan Chastain lchasta2 CLCV 120 Pre-Quiz #3 9/17/07 1. Venus supports Palamon In his battle against Artice. Palamon prays to Venus that he be murdered if Arcite marries Emelye. The altar of Venus shakes as an omen that she was listening. 2. According to Chaucer’s “The Monk’s Tale” Nero committed five crimes. He burned down Rome. He murdered senators. He killed his brother and “lay” with his sister. He also tore open his mother’s stomach to see where he was conceived. 3. Calkas plays the role of a high priest in Troy. He foresees the Trojans downfall and betrays them and sides with the Greeks.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Zenobia, in The Monk’s Tale, was a beautiful queen. She was skilled in warfare and she refused to get married. She was eventually forced to marry Odenathus. She only had sex with him once to get pregnant. 5. The atmosphere suggested by Arcadia is one of a sad mournful romance. Sannazaro got the idea from great writers such as Virgil, Theocritus, and Boccaccio. He helped to influence many 16 th and 17 th century writers, including Sidney’s “Arcadia”. Sidney had a tremendous influence on several English writers like Percy, Bysshe, and Shelley....
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