The Discourses by Epictetus

The Discourses by Epictetus - That is why I favored him...

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Charles Arnold Professor Mills 2/06/08 The Discourses by Epictetus My reaction to the book The Discourses by Epictetus was a very different outlook on how I last viewed Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics. I like the way that Epictetus explained things better in his book rather than how Aristotle did. I also liked the way that he said that virtue was the only thing that mattered unlike Aristotle who said that you had to be virtuous, wealthy, and happy. I like Epictetus because he was not prejudice to the poor people and gave them a fair shot to be happy. For instance, you could be a homeless person and yet you could still be virtuous is what I perceived him to be saying throughout his book. I also liked his notion of things that were in your control and things that were not in your control. He felt that our actions, our choices, our thoughts, and our impressions were all in our control. He then went on to say that who we were born to, our death, and other people were not in our control.
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Unformatted text preview: That is why I favored him over Aristotle mostly because he believed that we should not be held accountable for things that our out of our control unlike Aristotle who said that you had to basically be lucky in order to live a good life. He also grew up in the time of when the Roman Empire was at it strongest with Marcus Aurelius. The other thing that I liked about Epictetus is that he was a self- made man so to say. He was born into poverty and he ended up being one of the most influential philosophers of our time. That is where Aristotle was wrong. The reason why I believe that Aristotle was wrong was because he was never in poverty from what I read and he thought that if you were in poverty then you basically had no chance at life. All in all out of the two books that we have read throughout this semester this one has been my favorite because it was such a great read to enjoy. Charles Arnold Professor Mills 2/06/08...
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The Discourses by Epictetus - That is why I favored him...

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