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Aristotle 2 - 1 Virtue of thought teaching learn by doing 2...

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Aristotle 2 -Eudimonia =Happiness What is good for an X? What is X good for? Function ergon Function Good for it Knife- good for cutting Sharpening Heart- Circulating Blood Eating Healthy, food exercise Harpist- Harp Playing Practicing Human- What is the function of a Human Being? Living? No…Plants live too Consciousness? No…animals feel, too Reason or ability to rationalize!!!! Virtue- excellence- arête Virtue is excellence=subject of book 2
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Virtue of thought- teaching- learn by doing 2. Virtue of character- habituation- different from a craft( only the product matters)(also care about the state of a person)- i.e all that matters is that you sing well it does not matter how you get there. You can’t just read a book to learn how to do something. (i.e. playing a harp or riding a bike)...
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