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Mike Atas English 1001 Essay #3 How the Columbine Massacre Affected the Nation On April 20, 1999 one of the worst school shootings in history took place. The location of this event was at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The names of the two students that committed the crime were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. They killed 12 students and a teacher. Along with that they wounded 23 others. After they were done with their rampage, they committed suicide. This was a very terrifying day for students, their families, and the employees of Columbine. The shooting was a terrible day, but it also got the nation to realize the dangers that can take place in schools. They took action to figure out how to make them a safe place to be in. There were many clues left behind by both of the killers that could have prevented the whole shooting. Five months before the shooting took place, Eric Harris wrote down in his journal that he was going to murder anybody that ever made fun of him. He also wrote about how hard it would be to wait until April to get his revenge. There were also warning signs of what Eric and Dylan were planning while they were in school. Dylan wrote a story about the killing of “preps” and a paper on Charles Manson. Eric wrote about Nazis and the use of guns at schools. He also put a lot notes about killing and made a to-do list for getting things needed for the massacre (Meadows 1). These were just a few of the hints that were found after the occurrence. Many more were found after searching through the boys’ things. Dylan was angrier about his connection with girls, while Eric was more upset about always being left out. Both of them were very depressed kids looking to get vengeance.
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Jennifer Rosenberg goes into detail about previous events in the murderers’ lives. “According to journals, notes, and videos that Klebold and Harris left to be discovered, Klebold had been thinking of committing suicide as early as 1997 and they both had begun thinking about a large massacre as early as April 1998 - a full year before the actual event… On January 30, 1998, Klebold and Harris were arrested for breaking into a van. As part of their plea agreement, the two began a juvenile diversion program in April 1998. Since they were first-time offenders, this program allowed them to purge the event from their record if they could successfully complete the program. So, for eleven months, the two attended workshops, spoke to counselors, worked on volunteer projects, and convinced everyone that they were sincerely sorry about the break-in. However, during the entire time, Klebold and Harris were making plans for a large-scale massacre at their high school” (Rosenberg 1). These were some clues that were left by the boys. If
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essay 3 - Mike Atas English 1001 Essay #3 How the Columbine...

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