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research paper - Mike Atas The short story "The Things...

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Mike Atas The short story “The Things They Carried” has its setting in the Vietnam War. In this war, there was an awful bloodbath that took place in the village of My Lai. This event took place in March 1968. It became known as the My Lai massacre. It was an awful time in American history. American soldiers from the squad known as Charlie Company were ordered to go through this village and destroy anything that they saw in their way. They ended up killing hundreds of unarmed civilians. It helped to turn many Americans against the war. Today, the relationship between America and Vietnam is good. Although they get along these days, it is very hard to forget what happened at that event many years ago. “This whole event started because a small squad from Charlie Company walked into a booby trap set up by the Viet Cong on March 14. It killed a sergeant and hurt many others. There was a funeral for the sergeant the next day and all of the soldiers wanted revenge. The captain told the troops that they were going to attack My Lai the day after that. He told them that the 48 th Battalion was there and that their objective was to destroy the entire village. The soldiers were told that by 7 a.m. all of the women and children would not be there and all they would have to focus on was the enemy. There were about seventy-five Americans ready to attack along with the accompanying gunship pilots assisting through the air.” (An Introduction to the My Lai Courts-Martial).
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research paper - Mike Atas The short story "The Things...

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