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how to play beer pong

how to play beer pong - Mike Atas How to Play Beer Pong...

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Mike Atas How to Play Beer Pong General Purpose: To inform. Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, the audience will understand how to set up and play beer pong. I. INTRODUCTION A. Beer pong is a drinking game that is played at parties. B. I will show the audience the equipment needed, how to set up the game, and how to play II. THE EQUIPMENT THAT IS NEEDED ACCORDING TO PERSONAL.GEORGIASOUTHERN.EDU. A. 22 plastic cups (preferably Solo or Dixie) B. 2 ping pong balls C. A ping pong table (or any table big enough) D. Cheap cold beer E. Water III. HOW TO SET UP THE GAME. A. How to set up the cups. 1. Cups are arranged, 10 on a side, in pyramid formation according to www.npbl.net. 2. Place the ball washing cup off to the side according to www.ilovebeerpong.net.
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B. How to fill the cups. 1. Fill each of the cups a quarter of the way full, which is approximately 2-3 beers (12 Ounce) according to personal.georgiasouthern.edu. 2. Fill the wash cup with water to the top.
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