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Mike Atas Environmental Life Science 4/14/08 Water Pollution Without water, life on the planet Earth would be non-existent. Over 70 percent of the surface is made of water, and it is the most important natural resource there is. ( It is needed for everything to grow. Many people are harming the water by polluting the rivers, lakes, and oceans. There are many ways that water can be affected, along with two different sources. While there are a lot of things that can hurt the quality of the water, there is a variety of solutions that are out there in order to help prevent or fix the problems. There are two sources of water pollutant: point source and non-point source. Point is when harmful sources go directly into the water. Non-point is when the sources are indirectly through an environmental change ( An example of point is if a person decides to dump their garbage into a body of water. An example of non- point is when something defective is carried into the water by rain. There is another source of pollution known as transboundary. This is when pollution can possibly affect an environment that is hundreds of miles away from where the source is (www.water- There are seven different types of water pollution. Surface water is the lakes, oceans, and rivers. They are found on the exterior of the crust of the Earth. Groundwater is the water that is found under the soil or rocks called aquifiers. This is what humans use when they need drinking water. This pollution happens because of pesticides
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contaminating it and infecting the quality. Microorganisms cause microbiological
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science paper - Mike Atas Environmental Life Science Water...

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