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Chapter 5 summary

Chapter 5 summary - Images as links Use img element as the...

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Chapter 5 – Images <img> Inline element. Must be inside a <p> tag. Does not cause line breaks. Does not need closing tag. Example: <img src =”. ./photos/seattle_med.jpg” alt=”Seattle”> src Attribute that specifies the location of an image. Can be relative to website or an absolute URL for images in a different site. alt Text description of th image which displays on mouse over or if image link is broken. 72 dpi Web resolution of an image = 72 pixels per inch Matt color menu Use in Photoshop to soften the edges of a gif. Prevents halos around text. This is an option when you save a GIF. You can choose the color of the background. Prevents jagged lines-anti aliasing. Works for any lines. Gif Used for logos, solid color images, clip art, images with lines and text. Compression is lossless. Can have transparent backgrounds. 256 colors JPEG Best for photos. Lossy compression. Does not support transparency. 16 million colors.
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Unformatted text preview: Images as links: Use img element as the content of the <a> element. Put link in the href attribute. <a href= “seattle.html”> <img src=”seattle.jpg” alt=”Seattle”></a> <a href= “put page link here”><nest content image tag here></a> <a href=< “animals/zebra.html”><img src=”animals/zebra.jpg” alt= “Our Zebras”></a> Thumbnails Large size is 150X100 or 100X150 Attributes – width and height Tells browser the size of the image in pixels. <img src=”photo.jpg” alt=”Photo” width=100” height=”50”> Don’t use to resize the image in the browser. Browser window Typically 800 pixels wide. Photos should be less than 800 pixels wide. A Browser always displays vertical space before and after a block element. Browsers first display the html code then retrieve the images. Good idea to put small images and link to larger ones for fast page download....
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