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myth - silver age-young boy lives with mothet for 100 years...

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Map test Mycenae Eleusis Athens Troy Cnossus 10 fill in the blank short answer identification theogony,hesiod, Prometheus bound, Hymn to Demeter minoan civ-female gods: serpent, tree moon mycenean-indo European,warrior,male gods drak age archaic-8 th century BC Homer: Iliad/oddysey Hesiod: Theogony, classical-5-4 BC golden age-cronus-men lived with gods
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Unformatted text preview: silver age-young boy lives with mothet for 100 years then leaves and dies quickly. Disrespected the gods and are consequently killed by zues bronze age-all warriors and all killed themselves age of heroes- (Trojan war) Iroon age-no justoce no family...
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