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-terrible terrible terrible so thats what it meant to have japanese blood to lose my after noon play hours pg 4 i didn't see how i could be a yankee and japanese at the same time. it was like being born with 2 heads. it sounded freakish and a lot of trouble pg 19 at bailey gatzert school i was jumping screaming roustabout yankee but at the stroke of three when the school bell rang. ..i suddenly became a modest falterin earnest little
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Unformatted text preview: japanese girl with a small timid voice. 26 as far as i was concerned nihon gakko was a total loss. if i were to bow to hotel patrons they would have laughed in my face pg 28 i had discovered a deeper stronger pulse in the american scene. ..i eflt more like a whole person instead of a sadly split personality. the japanese and the american parts of me were now blended into one. pg 238...
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