history of WWU - Matt Marquardt IA's: Tyler Roberts, Margit...

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Matt Marquardt IA's: Tyler Roberts, Margit Humphrey Professor Hayes 2:00 PM 2/2/08 Speech Given: 2/8/08 THE HISTORY OF WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Specific Purpose: To provide a brief history of how Western Washington University came to be. Central Idea: We all attend this school yet know very little of it's origins, only once we understand where we came from can we move forward. Introduction I. (Attention Getter) As I walk from class to class I pass by various buildings with different people names I' have never heard of. Who is Mathes or Higginson or Carver? Why are they so special that they should have buildings named after them? After thinking on this subject I started thinking more about my surroundings. Why is there a giant open space with nothing but red brick and a fountain? How did this all come to be? Why is Western, Western? II. (Audience Adaptation) Standing in this room with you today there is one thing that definitively unites us, one thing that makes us undeniably connected and that is that everyone in this room is a student at Western Washington University. III. (Purpose) Western's history is very interesting and unique yet often misunderstood by it's own students. IV. (Preview) Today I will break down our schools history into three sections. A. First I will tell how the school came into service. B. Then I will discuss how our campus evolved in order to adapt to the times. C. Finally I will explain the history of Western student life through the ages. TRANSITION: So let us begin with how Western came into existence. Body I. On February 24 1893 New Whatcom Normal School was established by an act of state congress and signed by Governor John McGraw. A. The bill appropriated $5000 for the building of the school and was later followed up with a second bill appropriating roughly $33,000 to furnish and operate it. B.
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2008 for the course COMM 101 taught by Professor Hayes during the Winter '08 term at Western Washington.

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history of WWU - Matt Marquardt IA's: Tyler Roberts, Margit...

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